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Come take an unforgettable journey through the unpredictable streets of New York City and the even more unpredictable mind of a young teenager. Treading an exciting line between musical theater and concert, ‘What I’m Failing to Learn’ features award winning 16 year old singer/songwriter Schuyler Iona Press and a cast of phenomenal musicians and dancers. No need to take notes, there will be no test.


Some quick reviews from the workshop run:

“Tween phenom singer songwriter Schuyler Iona Press is presenting a workshop production of her new multimedia musical at 13th Street Rep Theater. This production is a work in progress. It is a unique opportunity to witness a young artist polish her work. Ms. Press has accumulated many an accolade in her young career. One expects many more are to come.”

“Fourteen-year-old rising singer/songwriter/actress Schuyler Iona Press captivates those of all ages with her deceptively simple melodies and introspective lyrics.”

“Brilliant mash up of Schuyler’s unique song-scapes, traditional musical theater archetypes, & a sub plot which unfolds via multimedia in the cleverest of ways. Beautifully directed by C. Fraser Press & Darren Press”

“Think a young, female Jonathan Larson meets a young Alanis Morissette, and you can get some idea of Schuyler’s musicality, voice, storytelling, observation and overall promise. With a song like “I Am Today,” which she penned when she was less than 10, you hear an example of a memorable show tune…one that you yearn to see included in a full scale musical that may one day come to fruition. It wouldn’t be too much to expect from her!”

“The real reason to go is to get in on the ground floor of what can only become a major artist. Cement shoes couldn’t stop the multi-talented Press. Catch her now, and you can say “I knew her when.”