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4th Wall Down In Development

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In four surprisingly interrelated stories of seemingly ordinary daily affairs that reel out of control, a concoction of characters who inhabit one tenement-style apartment house experience a day that becomes a lifetime and a lifetime in a day.

A therapist dealing with a delusional patient; her handyman husband trying to fix old lead infested pipes he is convinced are responsible for his memory loss; a teenager discovering love, drugs and baking in the same day; a young family whose dinner party preparations are interrupted by the discovery of a baby mouse, the sole survivor of a recent visit from the exterminator; and a Circle Line tour guide being followed by a mysterious man.

With undertones of the perils of love and the desire for meaning and adventure at various stages of life, our motley group of characters each strive to right what has gone so very wrong in their world and find themselves on a precarious precipice between life and destruction.

Taking the audience on an unpredictable and colorful journey, 4TH WALL DOWN runs on two distinct tracks:

  • The character-driven track exploring our characters’ inner odyssies as they wrestle to save their souls;
  • The plot-driven track in which these same characters battle through external circumstances, both amusing and dire, to save their world.

In this powerful genre-bending tale, a domestic comedy evolves into a suspenseful drama, a high stakes mystery and then suddenly a plot twist reveals the tragic that lives within the comedic.

When walls are removed, circumstances, time and even people are not what we originally thought they were.


Thematically, 4TH WALL DOWN explores familial bonds: sibling, parental, and marital; and examines the purpose of art for emotional survival. In a sly and devastating portrayal human mortality there is a reaffirmation of faith in love, magic and the unexplainable. 4TH WALL DOWN poses the argument that artistic expression, along with communal and familial security, provides a crucial shield to the evils of the world.